Top Marijuana Smoke Tricks for Beginners


Whether smoking weed for medicinal or recreational purposes, you need to do it with style. To have more fun with smoke, you need to learn a few tricks that are sure to make even the most experienced smokers think you are pro.

Mastering new tricks will make you more comfortable at smoking events, and make smoking more enjoyable. You will be amazed at the number of people that would want to hang out with you during smoking sessions, so they can play with marijuana smoke like you.

You will need a lot of practice to master, be sure to order enough stock from a Marijuana Dispensary Orange County before you start learning. We are now going to briefly discuss about top weed smoke tricks for beginners that will make you stand out.

Ghost Inhale

InhaleThe trick is liked for its visual impressiveness but requires a lot of practice to master.

Take a long puff of weed that fills your cheeks and allow the smoke to thicken. Now exhale and open your mouth so it looks like that of fish to inhale back into the mouth.

Your success with this trick lies on how quickly you can control force and timing.

Smoke Rings

Smoke RingsYou need only a little practice to master this widely practicedsmoke trick. To blow perfect rings, you must have absolute control over your throat and ability to shape your mouth correctly.


Take a long puff of weed and hold in your mouth. Then form your mouth into ring or “O” shape, and adjust your throat muscles to push the smoke out.

You don’t need to exhale.

The Smoke Tornado

Smoke TornadoYou only need small practice to master this amazing trick, and there are two ways to do it.

The first one you need to inhale smoke into a cardboard tube and allow it to collect on a hard flat surface such as a chopping board. Wait for it to collect then wipe into a tornado using your hand.

In the second one, repeat the process without involving the cardboard tube.

You need absolute control over breath and exhaling speed to master the trick quickly.

The French Inhale

This is a cool, easy-to-do trick that all starters should try. It involves exhaling smoke through the mouth while inhaling it through the nose. The result is an astonishing circular effect.

A smoker first inhales a lot of smoke and holds in the check/mouth, exhaling without putting too much force, and breathing it in through the nose.

Smoke Ring Ghost Inhale

Ghost InhaleTo do this trick is fairly simple, take a deep puff of weed, without holding for long, blow it and allow some few seconds to take shape. Now blow a ghost bubble through the middle and inhale both.

You need the right amount of smoke and absolute control to do the tricks simultaneously.

There is no magic involved here; the key to mastery is enough practice. Order Marijuana Orange County now and enjoy stoning!

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